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Here is me


I am Alessandra, . I live in Cortona, beautiful town in the

heart of Tuscany, ancient Etruscan town, the economical,

political and social center of that jewel that Val Di Chiana is.


I have started my working career as a freelance photographer

shooting indie and not so indie concerts, bands and artists in

an unforgotten post punk/dark era of my life.


I have been an antique dealer, and shop owner for 25 years,

enjoying my beautiful shop, my wonderful customers and the most

beautiful square of the world, Piazza Signorelli in Cortona.


I have always loved to have people over, for lunch and dinner,

the rugby mates of my 17 year old son, Matteo, makes for a vast pool of

food users, from right down gobblers on anything edible, to foodies and experts.


                                                    Francesca, my 13 year old daughter is a                                                       great cooking help, makes her own pasta                                                       from scratch, whips the best scrambled                                                       eggs and is an eccellent dessert maker.


                                                    Most of my friends self invites                                                               themselves over, some just open the door                                                     grab a chair and help themselves.


                                                    My life has always evolved around food.                                                       Started by learning from Mom, my aunts                                                       and the older ladies that live around my                                                     house.


Half jokingly, a great friend of mine, Tania of L'arte dell'olivo,

has somehow forced me to start this cooking class business that

I ended up doing while owning the shop, liking it so much that

eventually I sold the shop and started to cook for a living. 

I worked in a local restaurant as a help and then directed a

local restaurant kitchen for a while.


But what I like to have is the direct contat with the customer.

So I decided to go back to what I like best, teaching foreigners

and Italian how to cook real, down to earth, Traditional Italian



Starting this year I am enlarging my horizonts by organizing

private dinners at my house or at other people's places, not

only Italian but also Sushi dinners, Tex mex, north african...


I still do photography, mostly for my own pleasure but also for

the Rugby Team my son plays for Vasari Rugby Arezzo,  where I

volunteer as the under 18 photographer and their press office.


The future holds a lot of food, a lot of firends and a lot of fun for me, join me!

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