April 22, 2014




  • 500gr/1,1 pound fresh mascarpone cheese

  • 5 eggs very fresh

  • 10 flat table spoons of sugar

  • 2 cups of expresso coffee (I prefere the little Italian expresso stovetop cofee maker)sweetened (not too sweet)

  • 2 boxes of Pavesini cookies (Italian deli store have them, in alternative Italian SAVOIARDI will work perfectly




Mix the egg's yolk with the sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer and beat them up until they become a mousse, soft, whitish and almost doubled in volume. Mount firly the egg's white, I add a tiny pinch of salt to the whites, so to firm up the mounted whites.

Add the mascarpone cheese to the egg yolks/sugar mixture, and keep beating up, until it is all well mounted. Firmly.

Fold in usina a spatula, the egg's white to the eggs and mascarpone mixture.


On a serving dish, spread a couple of tablespoons of cream on the bottom, to firm up the cookies, dip extremely quickly the cookies into the coffee, really, just a very quick passage in the room temperature coffee - if you use the Savoiardi, lay the savoiardi on the dish and drip the coffee from a spoon- pour on it a third off the mascarpone cream, cover it with another layer of dipped cookies  -or savoiardi-, then another layer of mascarpone cream. If you are using savoiardi, sprinkle some cocoa powder over it and you are done.Keep in the fridge, if you are using the cookies, procede to a third layer, finishing with the cream and the cocoa powder.


Now: where's the booze... On the side in a glass, so kids can have the dessert. Simple.

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April 22, 2014

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