April 30, 2014

Risotto is a way to cook rice. Quite simple, actually. Low flame, a knot or two of butter, half an onion, Carnaroli rice (but Arborio is a good substitute) and a litre or two of vegetable stock. Parmigiano or Grana... And anything you have in the kitchen, in the pantry or in the garden.


Risotto is a Philosophy, a way of living. Laid back, taking advantage of whatever you have aside and hardly riproducible, never using the same ingredients and wonderful for culinary experiments.


In the old times people was woking on someone else's field, and were paid with part of the crops: wheat in the south and rice in the north. Rice was a cheap filler that was then flavored by whatever small quantity of anything they had at hand.


When you do it nowadays, you should do it with your friends standing next to you, sipping some great white (the one you'll use for the risotto) and chatting of the latest happenings of family and friends. It shouldn't be sitting and waiting, and can't be reheated.


It has to be enjoyed, by many.

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April 22, 2014

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