Chillies, gotta love 'em.

June 13, 2014

I don't know what happened in my life, but my new love since a few years is Chillies.. The more the better, red, yellow, orange chocolate or brown. Medium hot or super hot, with an insane prediligence for super duper hot!

It got so crazy that I have planted one called FATALII! I mean, Fatal, are you kidding me? No.

I always liked chillies, a medium thing, not too hot, but now it has gotten out of control. You think is for the chemicals that yes, saved my life but screwed up my system, so my body needs capsicin for some criptic reason? Maybe because it will make me slim? Well, body, that ain't workin!

Maybe is a methaphisical search of rebellion? Looking for rebellion through food?

Don't know yet. The unconclusive meanders of my mind are too complicated to explore, of the last 6 neurons left in duty, two are in vacation, two are in strike and one is on permanent siesta.

Get the recipe and spend a lil time doing it, friends, and use it over cheese. Pecorino, medium aged, semistagionato, is my fav. But freshest cheeses, like cream ones or robiola go great with it. 


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