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July 21, 2014

It is obvious that I am happy to have this kids around.


Needless to say that it is like hearding cats sometimes. At times you get simply mad at them, at times you want to hug them close. Sometimes you dry their tears and most of the time you sing stupid songs with them, wandering around in a car, stopping at sunflower fields to grab a photo op.


You try to make them reason at times, at times they make you think, or re-think at lifelong beliefs that you sweared you would have never let go, but you are actually doubting.


Loving and living with these precious untamed minds, that are NOT happy all of the times, that have their way to cope with pain and sorrow, that are brave enough to fight in a rugby field to confront a 700 pound first line on a scrum, or sing and play a guitar or do their beatboxing routine in front of a crowd, but whine about removing a rose thorn from their tumb, is a school of life.


You can inspire them to follow their dreams and coach them not to feel guilty for their failures, which BTW are always on sight.


You certainly have to learn from them. This is what I learned from them:

  • You have to become young again. Remember that feeling of omnipotence, that "there is no tomorrow" way of living? We should start to feel that way again. The possibilities of life are limited only by the fear of your heart.

  • Living today. The present is important. Of course tomorrow is also. But present is a present, and it is NOW. So, as much we adults need to worry about what we'll put on our kids table tomorrow and the day after, we should live every moment life gives us to the fullest, in the present and with no shortcuts. 

  • Self pitying is useless: All we can do is doing what we can and how we can. Putting all the effort and our strenght where our heart is. And then stop worrying. Life has a special way of fixing itself, or at least to devenlop itself. So, once we did all we could to achieve something, all we have to do is either rejoyce at our success or try again for it.

  • Let go. How do they manage to suffer life hell today and smile again tomorrow? Because they let go. They forget, they forgive, they let go. Mom and Dad break up and use you as a package? You suffer, you cry, you break inside, but at some point you let go, you survive and live your life nonetheless. Your dad scares the heck out of you by being carried to the hospital again, or your mom gets a cancer, you are tired of it so much that you whish to spend at least 6 months without seeing an ER? You suffer, you cry, you get stronger, you survive the fear and you let go, and live your life nonetheless.

  • And you put the ER number into your fast dial on your cellphone.

  • Nothing lasts forever. We think it is superficiality, but it goes deeper than that. It is the secret knowledge that flexibility is the ultimate answer. Like a reed in the wind, sometimes you have to second the wind that blows, and lift again later. Because there is always a later. There is always a tomorrow.

I got deep today, sorry folks. I'll get be to the usual sillyness tomorrow. Love A.


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