Chillies, with a curse and a recipe

August 26, 2014

You guys know that I love my chillies, I guess that one earlier post post from the FB quite explains it. PS Go see it, it is quite amusing.


But honestly, how many people in my area, in which a little black pepper is considered "too spicy" understand the treasure they have stolen?


Nagas, Habaneros, Scorpions etc... They will probably think that they are too much and dump them away. What a waste...


But, my plants are still alive and well, and give me still a lot of fruits. So, this is what Matti did with some of my latest harvest (because a good plant always gives good fruits):


A Super Huber Spicy Crazy Salsa:


1 kg peeled canned tomatoes, great quality

6 naga morich - he kept the seeds of 3 of those

3 habaneros - he kept the seeds of two

1 Fatalij

1 1/2 fresh onion

2 cloves of garlic, central core removed


a splash of extra virgin olive oil


What I saw when I came home was Matti doing this.


He finely chopped a fresh onion, and let it become translucent in a little spash of extra virgin olive oil, then dumped in all of the tomatoes, he didn't bother to chop them.

He added all the chillies chopped finely - see this is where he went wrong: on the recipe he found they indicated 300gr/ 11oz of Italian spicy chillies, but he thought that the hottest chillies on hearth would be the same- and the garlic and the salt.

He let it simmer for about 15 minutes, Finely chooped it with an immersion blender, then canned it.


This was a gift for me after a very very hard week.


Today this is what I had at lunch


Some scrambled eggs with parmigiano, a freshly picked tomatoes salad, and the super uber crazy spicy salsa. It tastes delicious if you can handle the heat. I have put it on some tagliata leftovers I had a couple of days ago, and on some hot dogs too. I love it.


The one on the little container on the right is coarse sea salt with minced Naga Morich chili peppers.


Half a pound of coarse sea salt, in a blender with a few nagas, pulse it until salt has absorbed all the juices from the nagas.


I love my babe.







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