Homemade Tagliatelle with Rabbit Ragù

May 24, 2015


Don't be fooled by people that say that it just taste like chicken. Rabbit doesn't. It is incredibly good, lean and healthy. 


This ragù is simple and light. Tasty and juicy. Lovely!


It has become a staple in my home, kids go crazy for it, amd it is sofisticated and elegant too.


This is what you will need.

  • 300gr/10,5oz finely blade chopped rabbit meat, de boned

  • 2 Italian sausages – no fennel

  • 1 glass white wine

  • 1 celery stalk

  • ½ medium sized onion

  • Few leaves of sage, few leaves of rosemary

  • 8/10 ripe plum tomatoes.

  • Salt, pepper (pepper corn)

  • 1liter hot meat broth

  • 4-5tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil,



Wash, peel and chop finely celery and onion.


Heat a pan and pour a good quantity of Olive oil, sauté the chopped vegetables for a while, until they are cooked and become slightly translucent. Add all the meats, the sage leaves and the rosemary. Sauté and separate well until all meat is uniformly golden. Add the wine and let reduce.


When the juices and the wine have been re assorbed, add a ladle of hot broth, lower the flame and let simmer, periodically check and add more stock, and let reduce, continue for more or less 40 min. This has a reason, if you let it simmer for a while the meat will mot dry out and when you eat it it will be juicy.


15 min before it is done, add 8/10 ripe tomatoes, cut in half and crushed with your hands directly in the pan. Add a few sage leaves and rosemary leaves. Stir well, adjust with salt, let heat up and simmer gently for about ten min. Turn off.


When the sugo is ready, pour a couple of ladles of it on a bowl, and as soon as the pasta is AL DENTE drain it and pour it into the bowl with the sauce– toss it troughly and plate it, serve more sauce on top.


Add a little cheese if you want and black pepper freshly grated.



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