A Kitchen in lockdown: homemade pasta!

April 15, 2020




What weird times, I have never stayed at home this long, went out to town last time one week ago, I had to go to the bank.

No one in the street aside me.

Mario goes, buys the necessities of the day (bread, meat if needed) at the stores in town, and comes back home.


I buy the bulkier things at the supermarket, either by going and endure lines (not that bad, a 30 min average, if you get the right hour) or by ordering online and pick it up at the agreed time.


Although I like the online option, I try to go in person, one because I miss seeying people, not talking, just seeying them (I guess I will miss talking to them later), two because an online shopping doesn't allow me to add things that I inevitably forget, nor taking advantage of the offers that probably are online too but I am too dumb to see.

Oh well, we'll have to adjust.



In the meantime a new love is developing in the house.

Mario has never liked cats so much: Too indipendent, just attached to food, they are not like dogs.


At the beginning of our convivence, Mario was sincerely afraid of cat's nails.

The sole idea of those retractile sharp claws made him cringe.

Like if instead of the sweetest funny cat of the entire world, I had a velociraptor, Jurassic Park style.


 But Achille is a sweet dumb little gal that knows how to conquer hearts. 


She is sweet, loves cuddles and asks for them in the sweetest way, either gently laying her paw on your face (preferably the eye), or sweetly biting your chin. Or just laying, belly up, on your lap or on the shoulder of Mario's armchair and sleeping while Mario looks at old bike races, or soccer games of the past. 


So, meow after meow, purr after purr, she has found a permanent space on Mario's heart. And lap.


And this is how I find them most of days, watching bad movies togheter and keeping eachother company, most of all loving eachother.

Now, quick.

On to make pasta.



Pasta all’uovo


Ingredients for 4 ppl:


• 300gr –10oz- white 00 flour 

• 3 egg

• 1 tbsp of olive oil

• 1 pinch salt

• 1 tbsp Lukewarm water –if needed



Put the flour on the work table, in a mound, add the salt. Make a well, break the eggs in the centre, add a tbsp of olive oil, start to beat them with a fork, adding little by little the surrounding flour, when the mix starts to come together, start kneading, using the palm of your hands, pulling and pushing down.


It will seem very dry at first, keep doing it, and wet your fingertips in the water, if you need it.


After 10 minutes of kneading it should be shiny, smooth and compact. Let it rest wrapped in plastic foil for 30 minutes. 


Cut the pasta dough in 4-6 pieces. Start with one, the others will wait aside. Flatten the pasta piece with the palm of your hand into a rough rectangle.

Slightly dust it on both sides with flour. Roll the dough into the larger setting of the pasta roller, number 0, when the pasta come out fold it in 2 and turn it so the fold is on the side and roll it again, do this 4 – 5 times, until the sheet of pasta is silky.


Go to the next setting, no need to fold any longer, step up the setting making one passage at a time, and going to the next setting. Repeat until you reach setting 6 (or 7 for tortellini).


Dust some flour on both sides of the noodle to be cut, then start folding the pasta until more or less half of its length. Fold also on the other side, so you’ll have two rolls connected that “meet” each other in the middle. Use a sharp knife and cut into noodle of the size you want, saw, as you are cutting soft bread, do not cut brutally through, dusting the pasta with flour before folding it is essential at this point so the pasta will not attach on itself.


Slide the back of the knife under the pasta and lift through the connection, this will unroll the tagliatelle, leave on a clean floured cloth or tray to dry. When you cook pasta put it into boiling salted water for 2/3 min. Place the drained pasta directly into a pan or a bowl with the sauce, and toss. If it gets too dry, add a couple of tbsps of pasta water, serve hot.


Thank you all for the generosity shown until now. Thank you so very much.


If you liked this video and want me to keep putting out more, please donate to paypalme/AleFedechef or sending via paypal to viacortona@yahoo.com.



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