A kitchen in lockdown: Tortellini in Brodo

April 20, 2020

We have a saying here "better bread and onion shared with love, than a king's dish eaten alone".


And this is the absolute truth. 


One of my greatest memories is my mom asking me why couldn't I just spare all the effort and buy the tortellini like everyone else, but then get two servings at Christmes lunch and proudly declare that mine were her favourite tortellini on heart.

Cooking is the way you show love to your family, the one you have, and the ones you choose.


Looking at the kids hanging around and chatting while food is being prepared is still the thing I prefere the most, maybe this is a weekness and it comes with age.

Looking at someone preparing the food you will be going to eat, it a joy to behold... 


Care for the ones you love, the ones that live with you and the ones that come just to cook something special..



Nothing is happier than a shared plate of food.


Cooking for someone means, simply, being in charge of his happiness for the time being with you, said someone, and this couldn't be more true.


Tortellini In Brodo di Carne


Ingredienti for broth

  • 500gr/1lb shank, short ribs or

  • A quarter of chicken, skinless

  • A couple of bones and 200gr/7oz oxtail

  • About 10 small tomatoes cut in two

  • One peeled potato, one peeled carrot one stalk of celery

  • About 5 lt cold water


Ingredienti for tortellini


  • Pasta made with 200gr/7oz of white 00 flour and 2 eggs, one tbsp of evoo and one pinch of salt

  • 50gr/2oz each chicken pork and beef meat

  • 50gr/2oz each prosciutto crudo and mortadella

  • 50gr/2oz  each parmigiano ricotta stracchino

  • 1 egg

  • Red wine

  • 2 tbsp butter

  • Nutmeg, pepper, lemon zest




In a large and tall pan add all the ingredients and cover with cold water, put on a high flame until it starts to boil, then lower the flame to a minimum and let simmer very very lightly for at least 3 hours, adjust with salt.


Fish all the meats and the vegetables out (you can serve them aside as a main)

Put the filtered broth in the fridge overnight and remove the fat that has congealed on surface.

Filter again and use immediately or freeze in portions (it will last in the fridge, not frozen for max 3 days).




In a skillet melt a couple of tbsp of unsalted butter and add the pork, chicken and beef pieces, let brown nicely on all sides, when all the juices have disappeared, add a splash of red wine, once evaporated leave aside to cool.


In a blender put all the cooked meats and the cold cuts, once very finely blended, put in a bowl with all the cheeses, the egg a good grating of nutmeg, pepper and a very tiny bit of grated lemon zest, very little.


Roll the dough into sheets of pasta on setting 7 on manual pasta roller or setting n 6 on kitchen aid roller


With the help of a ruler and a sharp knife cut the pasta in squares (about 3cm sq)

Put a little nut of filling in the middle, fold diagonally the square, pinch it closed sealing the filling in, wrap the two lower corners of this fat triangle around your finger as per the video.


Put the tortellini on a tray covered with semolina flour, you can cook them immediately or freeze them, once frozen, shake the excess of flour off and put them into a ziplock.


Put the broth to boil, and add the tortellini they will cook for about 2 to 3 minutes.


Serve them hot with parmigiano to taste.








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