A kitchen in lockdown: Fiori Ripieni

April 29, 2020

I was walking, the other day.

I noticed the absence of noises, not sounds, noises. Very few cars and no machineries. 



The paws of my dogs into the pools of water, their breath while chasing some bird or another.

Seagulls, Egrets, Sterling Crows and Swallows.

Or chickens.


 I can't stop looking at how beautifully nature is blossoming, and I am missing a great part of it as I can't go out and about as I wish.

The poppies finally out in full force.


Lilies and almond trees spreading their joy



And we are locked in.


I am not hiding my worries for the future, as my business depends almost exclusively on tourism, and at this rate, we are allowed to hope for september, but realisticly look at next year, but I am determined to make the best out of this.

Being it only a teaching for the future, for myself. 


Surprisingly, kids are doing better than expected, not only my kids, all.


My friends  and family's kids have found a new pleasure in reading, crafting, playing and using socially the devices that until now we have all hated,now I say, god bless the smarthphone, it could have been worse, imagine life without them?


Mine love to sit with us at times and talk about politics and social matters, all strongly politically opinionated and not all thinking the same way, we have learned a new respect for each other, discussing topics that only one month ago would have been forbidden. 


I have resolved into calling all I love via videocalls, I miss my friends and family terribly,so I want to at least see them when I talk to them, makes me miss them less.



We have to be strong, and we are all togheter in this, we have to show our kids that emergencies can be faced in two ways, a childish whiny way or a grown up one, sacrifice of our individual needs and trust in the future is the key.


I believe that we will all be rewarded by a brighter future and what now is a tragedy will become a new impulse and a new way of doing things, better.




Fiori di Zucca Ripieni



• 12 zucchini blossoms

• 300gr-10 oz ricotta cheese

• 100gr/3.5oz parmigiano or grana (or a tbsp of gorgonzola)

• few asparagus

• 100ml fresh cream (unsweetened)

• One egg

• Oil, Salt, pepper, nutmeg, garlic 

• turmeric, rosemary or chopped sage (all of which optional)



Clean al the flowers, by delicately, trying not to break them, removing the pistil from inside the flower and the barb from the outsides.


Rinse well in cold water and let dry face down on an absorbing piece of paper. Heat the oven to 180° (375F)

Cut the tips of the asparagus, snap and discard the bottom and chop the rest.

Put a skillet on medium flame with one clove of garlic and some chilli pepper (optional).

Sautèe for about 5 min, until the asparagus are tender.

Pull the tips aside, discard the garlic, and chop all else.


On a bowl, mix well the ricotta, the cheese (leave a tbsp or two aside), the minced asparaguses, the egg and season with salt pepper and nutmeg –careful with salt, as the cheese will provide it.

Taste it.

Stuff the flowers with a piping bag or with a table spoon, closing the petals, and lay the flowers onto an oven sheet, lined with parchment paper.

Drizzle a bit of evoo onit and add the rosemary and the asparagus tips on the flowers.


Put in the hot oven for about 15/20 min, until the sides start to crisp up. Serve with a fondue of pecorino, made by simply melting the cheese with the fresh cream, seasoned with turmeric (or nutmeg) and rosemary. You can also do it on a non stick pan, carefully turning them at half time.


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