A kitchen in lockdown: chocolate, chocolate and some grapefruit

May 4, 2020

It's May the 4th.

What a better way to start this new course of our lives?

We need strenght to re-start, we need hope, we need the force.

Help us, princess Leia, you are our only hope.


We are reopening progressively all of our businesses.


The only ones still on hold are bars and restaurants, although take out and deliveries are allowed and hair salons. 

I look like the older sister of the Beatles, all of them combined, but alas, it is what it is.


Hair salons should be considered essential (I am kidding) but who am I to say this.


My wonderful Mario will re open on friday, and I will help him put back togheter the pieces of his business on wednesday morning.


I don't know when I will put togheter back the pieces of MY business, I am resolving , right now, for on line classes and direct chats, but more on this later.

(Please take in consideration donating to paypal.me/AleFedechef, as the next months will be hard to endure.)



Numbers of contagion are going down and I think that they will keep doing so, as people is still scared and they will at most take the right measures to start the path into a normality that  only few months ago would have seemed impossible.



I have received some beautiful washable facemasks from a friend, Mary.



I was wearing the black one that makes me look like a colombian drug killer straight from CSI Miami, or the granma of a ninja warrior. It is only ironic that if I had worn this mask only 3 months ago, police would have approached me to take it off, as In Italy it is forbidden to cover your face at any time.


Now I might be fined for not wearing it when near to other people.


I hope that the fact that businesses can open will also turn into customers buying (not a given at all), and that soon we can go back to a somehow normal life. Hoping for a vaccine or an effective cure, and thanking the fate for not have met directly yet this damned disease, and thanking everyday the many that are still in first line.


In one HP movie, professor Lupin says to a shaken Harry right after a face to face meeting with a dementor: " eat chocolate, Harry, it will make you feel better", and this is now my mantra.

Eat chocolate, it will make you feel better.


PS If you have no idea of what a dementor is, you are a muggle.

You don't deserve an explanation.



Tortino Cuore Caldo con salsa di Pompelmo Rosa 

Ingredients for 4 cakes:

• 2 whole eggs

• 100gr/3,5oz semi bitter chocolate 70%

• 100gr/3.50z butter plus one tsp

• 80gr/2,8oz sugar

• 30gr/1oz white flour

• 1 pink grapefruit

• 1 tbsp brown sugar


Method for Chocolate cake

On a warm double boiler, heat until melted and perfectly combined, the butter and the chocolate in pieces.

Once perfectly amalgamated and smooth, put them aside, to cool off.


Beat up in a bowl 2 whole eggs and 80gr of sugar, until they are well mounted, this could take few minutes, once doubled in volume, witish and fluffy, add the flour and keep mixing, add the cooled down chocolate mixture and keep beating until all is perfectly combined.

Fill up to 3/4, 4 single portion aluminium ramekins well buttered, place them in a pre heated oven at 200° for 10 minutes.


Let the mini cakes wait out of the oven for one minute, before taking them out the alluminum ramekins.


Serve with a sauce made of pink grapefruit, peeled and segmented, heated in a tsp of unsalted butter for a few seconds on each side, along with one tsp of brown sugar, you can add a few drops of any alcoholic beverage (grappa, gin, tequila), but let evaporate completely. Place the lava cake on a plate, the segments on a side and the juice, filtered on it. You're welcome.



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