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March 27, 2020

Some days are better and some not.

I never realized how much I miss my friends until I have come to face the thruth that no, I can't hop an a car and drive this 7 minutes ride that would lead me to the craziness of my beloved company.

It is true I do not go that often, I...

March 24, 2020

I should feel worse, I shouldn't feel this way. I am reminded by the only neuron that is still intact that I should feel like the world is coming to its own destruction, but fact is that I am really good at silencing that single champion of logic and adulthood.

Point is...

January 28, 2019

Some days are weirder than others. I picked this word intentionally. I said weirder. 

My family is weird. Maybe because is not a conventional one: I am a single parent with two wonderful but obnoctious teenagers. Maybe because we have more a friend's relatioship than a...

June 11, 2018

I just got back from Napoli. a few days ago. Coming from a wonderland and arriving into another wonderland.

Napoli is my soul place, it is big, cahotic and at time so different to be sensed as another planet.

People is like actors of a live teather, people you can talk t...

December 17, 2016

I know, it is not summer, it is not vacation time and there is no beach here.

The political talk about the Italian ex prime minister and the new major of Rome, the diheartening images from Syria and the president elected, have killed me, I need a way to dream about sea,...

December 9, 2016

Immaculate Conception, or as we more commonly refer to it: La Madonna or, being the miscredents we are, l'Otto, (the eight).


It is a national/religious holiday here.

To me it is also a day in which I do not wake up at the crack of dawn to drag two recalcitrant kids out...

February 3, 2016

I think I said it a thousandth times.

There are a gazillion recipes for Ragù. All of them Italian, all of them "real".

All of them different, according to your taste and what you have at hand.

In Tuscany and in Emilia Romagna people had enough money and resources so they...

January 27, 2016


It's winter. I would love it only if I was in a winter resort.

I understand the change of season and the need that country has of water and cold weather, it all makes sense in the economy of the great mother heart.


I just don't like it.


It is wet, and cold, plus winter...

January 13, 2016

Sorry for not writing earlier. Life hasn’t been particularly good to me, in the last year. The events that started in my personal life last spring have come to an inevitable end now.


Finally things are going the way they should, but I am not completely happy.


It is not...

August 20, 2015

Recently someone told me that it is not DOG a man's best friend, it is pork. Although I still side with my pups, and kittens, I can't say I disagree.


Now, hoping that I will not completely sound like Homer Simpson, in the Tuscan kitchen, pork is king.


Prosciutto, Salam...

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