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Chef for Rent

Alessandra is now offering herself as a "Chef For Rent"!



You don't have to be a genius to get it. After

spending a week or two in the area and sampling many

wonderful restaurants, at a certain point you would

prefer the opportunity to dine in the coziness of

your villa and still enjoy a delicious restaurant

quality meal. 

Maybe you are intrigued by the possibility of a

cooking class but you really want to do it in your

beautiful rental?

Call Chef Alessandra.













Prosciutto wrapped figs, panzanella in hard boiled eggs, olive meatballs, fried zucchini blossoms and sage leaves, fresh pecorino cheese with honey, apples and

                                                            chilli peppers      



With many years in the cooking profession doing cooking classes, experienced in being the head chef of local restaurant and even directing a professional kitchen, Alessandra brings a wide assortment of experiences and expertise to your home away from home.



 Risotto with dried porcini mushrooms, fresh sausage,

 Grana cheese and parmigiano waffle



Small parties, celebrations, dinners or cooking                                         courses, Alessandra's goal is to have you enjoying

the many great specialities of the area, giving

you the real experience.

Explaining to you the why and why not, busting

the myths and great mysteries of the traditional

Italian kitchen, one plate at a time, while

enjoying your day.













  Pork Tenderloin crusted with herbs served with tuscan       style oven roasted potatoes.




    And if you want to Alessandra can explain you     the do and don't of the Italian culture,           giving you the reasons why of many of our         "strange" obsessions or obscure rituals, in       the kitchen or elsewere, that make so many non     italians so curious about us.







Chocolate molten cake, with red wine poached pear, pear

mousse and pear and wine reduction  



Even if you are in the mood for a non-Italian

dinners Alessandra can help.


Offering various international dinners that range

from Tex Mex spreads with Fajitas, Chili con Carne

or Verde, Quesadillas, home made salsas, to North

African with Cous Cous, Tajines and many other



Or what about a Sushi dinner, Nigiri, Sashimi,

Tartares, Gyozas, know,

after a while you might just want to have

something different.  Why not?  Just ask!




                  Spicy Tuna, Rainbow Rolls, and many others!

All the above offers will be prepared using the

freshest and the most seasonal of the ingredients

that our wonderful and fertile land offers us.


In true Italian tradition.


Take advantage of this opportunity and next time you are in the area, rent a chef, call Alessandra. 


Ask alessandra 



any question?
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