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The Cooking Class


This is an authentic Italian cooking class in the relaxed home of a real Italian. I am going to share with willing participants the secrets of creating everyday delicious but simple Italian meals.


"Alessandra's style of cooking transforms normal ingredients into delectable feasts easy enough to prepare for any meal." says Tania, from journeys to enlighenment.


I offer full day cooking lessons to small groups (2 to 8 people) in my family home.


Lessons will start with a trip to the local market to select fresh and seasonal ingredients for the meal, I would like to show you how Italians do their shopping.Everyone will be asked to help prepare a fest meal, our meal will comprehend:                      


  • multiple antipasti (appetizer)                         

  • primo (first dish, usually pasta, rice or soup)

  • secondo (main course), contorni (a side dish)

  • dolce (dessert).


Local wine will be provided during the cooking lesson and also be served with the meal.

This is a full working experience, under my direction, you'll learn tips and tricks of the Italian kitchen, what my mom, my grandma and my neighbors have taught me in the years.


You'll be asked to help at every level, but nobody will be upset if one would decide to stand back and watch only. After your lesson we will indulge at my family table to savor the fruits of our labor and enjoy the chance to get to know eachother better, as you feast on your freshly prepared meal. You will receive a printed menu of the recipes in English to take home with you along with your memories of this unforgettable experience and slice of "real" Italian life.


Cooking classes with Alessandra include detailed instruction in English, a scrumptious meal, plenty of wine and a lot of fun!


To book a cooking class for Alessandra's "Real" Italian Cucina, or for questions or further information please send Alessandra an e-mail. We look forward to cooking with you soon!

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