Gnocchi Viola alla crema di Zucca e Taleggio

February 9, 2015



You know me? You know I hate gnocchi.

... Let that sink in...

They are gummy, rubbery and overfilling, and seems to me you are eating chewing gum...


Unless you know how to make it... Then they become soft cloud like little wonder ball of pure pleasure. The trick? The right potatoes and not a lot of flour.


I have given a try to violet potatoes, we find purple Vitelotte ones, here. Not exactly cheap, 8€/kg, but well worth it, expecialy if you want to impress someone at dinner.


This time I had them with a pumpkin and cheese cream, here we go:


·       3 pounds of vitelotte purple potatoes

·        400gr/14oz of flour 

·        2 small eggs

·        one pinch of salt

·        nutmeg only if you like it, generous grate


Boil the potatoes unpeeled in salted water for about 30/40 min. Do not boil them in a pressure cooker as the elevated heat in the pan may cause them to discolor.


Rice them and let them cool down a bit. Transfer the potatoes on a wooden board. Sieve the flour on it, a little at a time. start to mix in, when you are halfway through put in an egg, keep mixing it. It will be sticky. But will have the most beautiful color. Let rest for half an hour.


The dough is ready when you can barely roll it into a half an inch wide roll (although still a little sticky) cut in gnocchi size (a third of an inch), dust them with flour and leave it to dry a little. Do not mound them. They will turn into a whole ball. Keep them on a tray, you can freeze them, and cook them later.


Use them as freshly made, put in simmering salted water until they surface. They are ready. Sautee immediately in hot butter and put them on a warm tray, covered.

The sauce can be prepared ahead of time:


  • 400gr/14oz pumpkin, small dices

  • 150gr/5oz grated taleggio or fontina cheese

  • 200ml fresh cream ( I do not use double)

  • Half onion, diced

  • Butter

  • Salt

  • Freshly grated pepper

  • Fresh rosemary


So, put the diced onions in a skillet with the butter, let them sweat slowly, once done, add the pumpkin and a couple of tablespoons of water, always at slow flame, add a pich of salt and cover, stir occasionally for about 20 min.

Once the pumpkin is soft, let cool down a little, put it in a blender, add the grated cheese, and activate the blades untili t is perfectly pureed. While the gnocchi cook, but the pumpkin puree back in the skillet, add the cream and let all simmer for a few minutes until all is well combined. Do not dry it up.


Pour a ladle of cream on a deep plate, spoon over the warm gnocchi, add a generous grating of cheese and a few leaves of rosemary.


Everyone at home loves it.


My mom thinks it has an odd color…






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