A kitchen in lockdown: Rolled frittata filled with what I have

April 4, 2020

Lockdown is not an easy thing to endure, expecially when you have children. My kids are grown up, Francesca is 17 and Matteo is 21. 


Matteo is staying with my dad (85yo), he keeps him company and I couldn't be any prouder, they are enjoying their time togheter. Dad is a wealth of science and an encyclopedia of anecdotes about just everything. They are making the best of this strange times. 



Francesca (like every one else)is dealing with isolation and separation from her friends, which, said like this seems nothing, but it is a lot. From going out with her friends and boyfriend, from going to school every morning, to nothing, Stay home, do not go anywhere, it is not easy. These kids, even if following the rules, have never even conceived something like this.It is true that kids are lucky, and we all are, that we have the web, social media, computers and smartphones that allow us to see our friend's faces at all times, but it is not the same. She is missing contact, voices, hugs,don't we all are.


A friend yesterday was telling me that this feelings are compared to mourning by some psycologists.


Hearing our prime minister prolonging the #stayathome decree to April 13 but also talking about the possibility to extend it to the first days of May, and in the meantime looking at your daughter's eyes welling up in silence, is a sight to break anyone's heart. It surely broke mine.


All I can do is offer my support and tell them that they are not alone.


Again there are good days and bad days, and just simply sad days. 


One way I have to wipe away bad thoughts off my head is cooking and being creative with the things I have at home.


Italians, and all the not rich cultures around the world share the use of all is available. People that can't buy ingredients will adapt to what they have. I have always had a "leftovers dinner" once a week, usually sunday dinners, and a "clean the fridge" afternoon.


This is a whatever you have at home kind of deal, I have used sauteed spinach and edamer just because I had them in the fridge, but I could have used thin provolone and oven roasted cauliflower, or stir fried artichokes and prosciutto, or tomato sauce and mozzarella, get wild,substitute, change and experiment, it will be great, I promise.


Frittata Arrotolata al Forno


This is for 4 people. I did 2 one eggs frittata per person:

  • each frittata is made with one egg, one tbsp of milk, one tbsp of parmigiano and a pinch of salt.  

  •  300gr/10oz of steamed and sauteed spinach (but any other thing will do, left over artichokes, asparagus, sauteed kale, etc) 

  • bechamèl made with 150ml of milk, 15gr of butter and 15gr of flour

  • some grated melting cheese (I used edamer, but any soft cheese will do, I suspect cheddar would be great too)  

  • 200gr/7 oz of thin prosciutto cotto (or prosciutto or very thin roastbeef, or raw sausage spread in thin layers) 

  • 50 gr/2oz parmigiano grattugiato  oil, salt, nutmeg



  • Beat togheter, one egg, one tbsp of parmigiano, one tbsp of milk and a tiny pinch of salt.

  • Heat a non stick skillet with a little Evoo, and pour the egg's mix, making sure it forms a somewhat round frittata, cook two minutes over medium flame on one side, flip it carefully and one minute on the other side, repeat untill you have enough frittatas. One egg per frittata, remember. 

  • Stack them like pancakes on a plate.

  • Stuff the frittata with a piece of prosciutto cotto (or ham, or whatever meat you want or avoid the meat and make it vegetarian), some vegetables, grated melting cheese, one spoonful of bechamel and some parmigiano.

  • Roll the frittata like you would with a burrito and put it on a parchment paper lined oven plate. Along with the others.

  • Put in preheated oven as 400F for about 10/15 min, until a light crust is formed and the cheese is melt.

  • Serve with a fresh salad, and a glass of red, or white, or anything you want, and stay safe you all!

Buon Appetito!



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