A kitchen in lockdown: Carbonara !

April 9, 2020


I know , I know, I am late to the game. 

On monday the whole world celebrated Carbonara Day. 


Why? Who decides? And why not a Ragù day, or a Frittata con le zucchine day?

Don't get me wrong, I love Carbonara, but why is it celebrated on April6th! Who decided, is there a calemndar I can check? Because I have a feeling that everyday is a something or something else day.

Should I start to wake up asking  "what inernational day of" is it today!!!


Does it show that this is the 30th day of Italy's lockdown? Or grounding. Or hide inside. Or just stay the hell home?


I share my time between comforting a 17yo that doesn't see her BF and her friends if not on facecall since what seems to her an eternity, my dad that is convinced that the CV would have respect of his age and his status of retired judge, new recipes to be filmed, dogs to play with, TMOML to cuddle and piles of clothes that wait to be ironed.

 Speaking of things to


iron: where do they come from, I mean we stay in PJ or jumpsuits all day long! Every few days I have piles of jeans, t shirts,and sweaters to fold and work on, am I washing all the neighbour's clothes? Whatever.


We are expected to stay at home and we do. We were reflecting that we never had so much free time before and it never came with so much worries. Nonetheless we do stay at home.


News from north Italy say that the curve is lowering, but the recovery from the disaster is going to be hard and difficult, italy wasn't in the best economical conditions even before. We are facing hard times.


The only thing is that, in spite of the news, the true heart of some italians is showing up. A group of friends have started a gofund me for the people in this area that have nothing, and by nothing I mean nothing at all.


here is the link, if you have a few euros to spare:


Nessuno Resti indietro



I had an horrible mix of sinusitis/cold/allergy ensamble, but I always have it at this time of the year, I feel lonely if it doesn't show up. 


That said, I had a great time filming my carbonara episode:







Ingredients for 4 people:

• 500gr/ 1 lb spaghetti

• 4 yolks (very very fresh)

• 150gr/ 3/4cup freshly grated parmesan cheese OR even better, half pecorino romano, half parmigiano

• 300gr/1oz sliced pancetta or, if you can find it, GUANCIALE, which is cured pork cheek, if anything else fails, bacon will do–your choice if smoked or not- originally not smoked

• Salt, pepper





Put the water to boil, for 500gr of spaghetti you need a good size pan, when it boils add the salt, a good handful.


Aside sauté the diced guanciale (or pancetta) and let the fat melt slowly.

Shouldn’t end up very crunchy.

No it doesn’t need to be crispy, but if you like it crispy, crisp it up.

Do not throw the rendered fat, this is essential.


Beat together the yolks, all the cheese and pepper, careful with the salt, as the pancetta (or the guanciale) will give saltiness already, taste it before adding salt.


Now you have a somehow creamy liquid, put it aside.


When water boils, add the salt and put in the pasta.


When the pasta is almost done, turn the flame on under the pancetta (or guanciale)(one/two minute before the time indicated by the package) drain it and pour it in the sizzling pancetta (or guanciale) pan.

Toss well the spaghetti into the pancetta or guanciale's pan, if it looks too dry, add a couple of tablespoons of pasta water and then add the eggs and mix continuously for a minute. Now you eat it.

NO, you cannot eat the bowl.

This is the “codified” Carbonara dish.


Now a little side note. I love to add a little onion , I just toss a quarter of onion, diced in oil a few minutes before guanciale, then proceed with the recipe.


Don't tell.




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