A kitchen in lockdown: La Frittata di Spaghetti Avanzati

May 6, 2020

What's poorer than a dish made with a left over dish?


Reusage of ingredients and whole dishes has been a prerogative of poor people's cuisine.

Think meatballs, meatloaf, just a way to use left over meat (you wouldn't throw away!) Think Ribollita , just a way to re use the left over minestrone, And la Frittata di Spaghetti is the same!





It has been a way to have a cheap snack at home, without wasting what was left over from lunch but whithout giving away the flavour and the joy.


In Napoli there are friggitorias that sell is as a to go snack. Serioisly, what's not to love.




Yes, it is my summer memory, we like it hot off the pan or cold off the fridge.


I remember endless summers in Calabria and Puglia, where my parents would rent a summer home, for 2 3 months at a time, it was normal back then, my dad would go back to Rome to work, or Perugia and later Cortona, and spend the weekends at the beach.


All of my family from Napoli would come, Zie, Zii, and most of all Cugini.


Cousins, I am not sure of how many cousins I have, we are all cousins.


My beloved Lucia and Autilia, and all my mom's family, sisters brothers, aunts and kids. Oh the happy summers i had!


And this is a favourite recipe of my kids too, this is a to go all time snack and when we go to the beach (when they go) we always prepare some for them to take away, and have it under the umbrella between swims and sun.



Sometimes I smudge with a  bit of spicy sauce, sometimes we use it as a complete dinner, accompanied by some prosciutto and a salad.


Spaghetti, eggs and cheese, what's not to love.





Frittata di Spaghetti Avanzati


Ingredients for 3


• 200gr/7oz boiled spaghetti (or leftovers with non tomato sauce)

• 100gr/3.5oz parmigiano or grana

• 3 eggs

• Salt, pepper


Method: Beat the eggs, with the cheese, salt and pepper, mix in the spaghetti. Heat a large enough non stick skillet to contain all the spaghetti (or a smaller one with which you'll make smaller, individual ones) on high heat, pour a little oil which will help form the crust, and cook 4/5 min on one side, check if a consistent crust has formed, and if the rest is firm enough, turn the frittata on a plate, or flip it if you dare (I take no responsability of any disaster it may occur). Cook it for 3 on the other side and serve. Cool it off before eating!












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